Optimize the performance of your underground pipe network

We specialise in detecting leaks in drinking water piping as well as piping for any other liquid. Our innovative, reliable and economical processes produce convincing results on all materials. Difficult leaks on buried pipes, even deeply buried ones and whether in use or not, are our daily challenge.

- Active leak control using helium
We detect all types of leaks, including small silent leaks in distribution and transmission pipes, whether in use or not. The system uses an innovative technique of injecting helium into the pipes, including large diameter and high pressure ones. 

- Hydraulic tests
Leakage checking for new and old pipes. 

- Locating non-mapped pipes and cables
On-site detection of cables and pipes.
Geolocating buried facilities.
Drawing up maps of the pipe network.


Liquileaks offers services aimed at optimizing the performance of water piping as well as piping for any other liquid, including liquid food.Our leak detection techniques are also applied to other types of piping carrying liquids (gas, hydrocarbons, drainage, brine, etc).

Our company is committed to environmental and economic objectives for its clients. We work on innovation and development for compelling and immediate results.
Liquileaks offers high-quality and high-efficiency end-to-end services.


Liquileaks works to reduce your costs and improve your results.