Hydraulic Tests

  1. Leakage checking for new pipes.
  2. Leakage checking for old pipes, whether renovated or not.


By entrusting us with your pressure testing:

> You optimize your leakage tests, thanks to our experience, expertise and neutrality.

> In the event of a leak, we locate it immediately.

> Your staff no longer need to worry about the test result, how it will be implemented and communicating about a possible leak.

> You save time and money.

>Pressure tests are performed by a qualified technician who has the necessary knowledge and measurement techniques and who will follow safety regulations.


Conditions and actions to be implemented by the client:

  • The pipe must be full (for 24h if the inside lining is made from cement)
  • Carefully fill in our check-list and have a sketch of the pipe that needs testing
  • Have water at your disposal to carry out the test
  • A threaded inlet to the pipe or a fire hydrant
  • Access with a vehicle


We provide the chart within 24 hours following the pressure test. If need be, we help you to detect a leak and repair it.

In the event of a leak, we locate it immediately