Leak detection

Leak control using helium

The technique of helium tracing, a cutting-edge method, efficient, reliable and economical.
On piping for drinking water or any other liquid, this method allows us to carry out a quick inspection of the major pipes.On industrial pipework, it allows us to locate the smallest leaks.

> leak detection on buried pipes
> leak search on heating network

> inspection of sprinklers and of the fire protection network
> checking new pipework
>leaks in homes


The helium tracing technique can be used with different pipes and is reliable and economical.

In comparison with traditional acoustic methods:

  • It can be used regardless of the type of pipe (metal or plastic) and its diameter.
  • Detection is possible on pipes that are in use or on empty pipes
  • Its effectiveness is not affected by ambient noise.
  • It is possible to detect 'silent' leaks.
  • The presence of helium in the ground necessarily points to the proximity of a leak; the size of the leak can be estimated depending on the levels of helium.
  • The Network Manager immediately knows whether it is a large leak that needs to be repaired urgently, a minor leak that can be dealt with in due course or just seepage.
  • The inspection is fast, with up to 4 km of pipes inspected per day.
  • No prior operation is required.
  • It is not necessary to cut the supply to the network or to clear out the surface boxes.
  • The helium tracing technique is very powerful and very reliable.

The technique is extremely sensitive and can detect leaks up to 0.01 litre/hour or 10 drops per minute.