Locating buried cables and pipes

An essential step in preventing occupational risk.

  • Prevention prior to excavation work
  • Prevention prior to coring or soil testing
  • Prerequisite for leak detection
  • Prerequisite for the analysis, division into sectors or work on the pipe network
  • Mapping of the pipe network, etc.


> On-site detection of cables and pipes

> Geolocating buried facilities

> Drawing up maps of the pipe network

A few applications:

  • Locating a buried pipe, whether privately or publicly owned. (gas, hydrocarbons, brine, water, drainage, etc)
  • Locating a fault in the pipeline coating
  • Locating a buried shaft
  • Finding power cables and telecoms / CATV / electric cables
  • Locating cables buried on public land (telecoms, optical fibre, electricity, etc)
  • Listing and mapping the cables and the pipe network


After having identified and marked the pipe, we carry out a leakage test for you

And if the pressure test is not conclusive, we will immediately detect any leakage